Roles and Responsibilities of a Community Association Manager in Columbus, OH

Roles and Responsibilities of a Community Association Manager in Columbus, OH

Nearly 14% of Ohio's residents live in homeowners associations.

Living in a Columbus HOA should come with a specific set of perks that other homeowners don't get. If your HOA isn't giving you those perks, you need to consider hiring a community association manager.

These experienced professionals can handle every aspect of running an HOA while supporting the community's leaders. In today's post, we'll examine the roles and responsibilities of a community association manager.

A good HOA manager can heighten everything about your community. Keep reading to learn what makes a good one.

Dealing with Finances

Accounting and budgeting is an important part of the community association manager job description. An HOA needs strong accounting to keep monthly fees reasonable and property values high.

It might seem like paying a community association manager salary is counterproductive to a frugal budget, but it's not true. Having an experienced professional take care of accounting makes such a difference.

Vendor Coordination

Well-maintained common areas make a community association a comfortable place to live. If things like garbage removal and landscaping are inconsistent, your community can quickly fall into disrepair.

Community members shouldn't have to look after everything themselves. All major maintenance tasks should be outsourced to local vendors. When it comes to community association management skills, vendor coordination is right at the top.

Governance and Compliance

The governing documents of an HOA tell homeowners what they can and can't do. Having dozens of homeowners living under the same set of rules can be challenging. Often, you end up with at least one person who thinks the rules don't apply to them.

Dealing with these types of homeowners can be difficult for an HOA board. They're volunteers and neighbors, so it creates a strange power dynamic in the community. Having a third-party management company to discipline bad actors and mediate conflicts takes the pressure off your board.

HOA Board Support

Often, community members struggle with the idea of HOA management coming into the equation. It might seem like the community is losing control of the HOA, but this isn't true at all. A good community association manager is there to support your board of directors, not to take over operations.

Because HOA managers have expertise in all areas of running an HOA, they're a fantastic resource for your HOA board. If there are problems with any aspect of managing the community, the HOA manager can step in and provide guidance. Together, your HOA manager and board will make your community better for everyone.

Get a Community Association Manager for Your Columbus HOA

Now that you know how a community association manager can help, it's time to get the right one for your Columbus HOA. PMI Scioto Metro has all of the community association manager skills and qualifications we've discussed here.

We're part of a highly successful nationwide property management group. If you need help with running your HOA, we've got the resources to take it to new heights. Contact us today to learn more about our services.