3 Things to Know About HOA Property Maintenance in Columbus, OH

3 Things to Know About HOA Property Maintenance in Columbus, OH

In Ohio, 672,000 homes are part of HOA communities, run by small committees of homeowners elected by their communities. These volunteers must attend to several duties to fulfill their roles as Ohio HOA board members.

HOA property maintenance is one of the most time-consuming of these tasks. Keep reading to find out more about what's involved and how to streamline this aspect of HOA property management.

1. The Importance of HOA Property Maintenance

The overall goal of an HOA is to maintain or raise the living standard in the community and thereby increase or at least preserve property values. HOA property maintenance plays a huge role in fulfilling this aim.

Routine maintenance preserves the neighborhood's appeal by keeping the common areas in immaculate condition.

The HOA board must also enforce rules that ensure the community homeowners maintain their homes in a way that upholds the aims of the HOA.

A large portion of HOA fees go toward property maintenance. So HOA boards must live up to homeowners' expectations.

2. What's Involved in Maintaining HOA Properties?

HOA homeowners resent paying more every year for HOA fees to cover escalating maintenance costs. They don't take kindly to unexpected special assessments for expensive repairs either.

The HOA board must implement cost-effective measures for routine maintenance. This helps keep costs as low as possible and prevents unexpected repairs and replacements.

HOA board members should never skimp on maintenance to try to save on costs. This is bound to backfire when one or more things break down.

Hiring a community association management firm is one way to help manage the costs of running an HOA in Ohio. These experts have the industry connections to secure the best prices.

They have the necessary experience to streamline and manage routine maintenance tasks cost-effectively. HOA management services can oversee all or some HOA maintenance tasks, including:

  • Sourcing the best prices
  • Finding reputable vendors
  • Supervising and inspecting repair or maintenance work
  • Making sure contractors receive payment on time

Community association managers have access to the latest technology. These systems help them keep track of maintenance tasks, compare quotes, and manage payments.

They also save HOA board members from the stress associated with managing these ongoing tasks.

3. What are the Boundaries of HOA Maintenance?

The HOA's Declaration of CC&Rs (Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions) outlines which areas of the community the board is responsible for.

Any areas that aren't earmarked for ownership or private use will fall under common area use. These areas usually include things like:

  • Community pools
  • Parks
  • Sidewalks and roads
  • Clubhouses
  • Sports facilities

HOA rules still apply to the other areas, but the homeowners are responsible for maintaining them.

Effortless Property Maintenance Is Within Reach

The best way to maximize HOA property maintenance is by handing it over to the experts.

Collaborating with a reputable community association management service can save you time and money while ensuring your HOA property remains in the best possible condition.

Get in touch if you're ready to discover an easier way to manage your community association in Columbus.