HOA Evictions in Columbus, OH: Common Misconceptions and the Truth Behind Them

HOA Evictions in Columbus, OH: Common Misconceptions and the Truth Behind Them

Eviction may seem like a last resort that only happens rarely. Think again. Evidence shows that every year, 2.7 million households get an eviction filing.

Most of these evictions happen because owners default on their mortgages, but in a select few cases, they are HOA evictions. HOA evictions sound terrifying since HOAs are already know for their antics among homeowners. Should you batten down the hatches for the potential of an HOA eviction?

Fortunately, most of this fear results from misunderstandings and misconceptions about HOA management. Today, we take a look at the real risk of evictions in an HOA community in Colombus, Ohio.

What Are HOA Evictions?

HOAs are responsible for over half of all US households, so there is a good chance you are one of many HOA homeowners. This means you owe dues and assessments according to the HOA rules in the contract you signed upon moving in. If you fail to pay said amounts, then the HOA will use ever-extreme methods to collect.

Failing to get their money back via collectors or a lien, they'll turn to foreclosure. This is where the HOA association manager kicks off an eviction. It's a last resort that only occurs once they have exhausted every other avenue.

Let's look at some misunderstandings about these types of evictions.

Misconception: You Only Have to Pay Mortgage

Many people fall prey to the assumption that they don't owe the HOA anything. As long as they pay off their mortgage with the bank, they can calmly ignore dues and assessments. This is simply false.

When moving in, you signed an HOA contract agreeing to these payments. Otherwise, you never would have been able to move in in the first place. The HOA, if they resort to foreclosure, is just working in accordance with a legal and official contract.

Misconception: It's Too Late When Foreclosure Starts

If you have somehow resisted all the HOA efforts, and they turn to foreclosure, it may seem like the end. Not so. All they want is their dues, and foreclosure is only a means to an end to get them.

At any time, you can pay the owed amount. This will cancel whatever action they are taking against you and settle your account. Whether they've initiated a lien or started the eviction process, it's not too late for you to pay them back in full.

Misconception: The HOA Isn't Lenient

Times are tough for everyone. It's a mistake to assume the HOA will have an iron hand and provide no options for those in desperate situations.

If you are struggling to repay, then go to your HOA meetings and appeal the decision. There's a good chance you'll be able to work out a reasonable repayment scheme.

Manage with PMI Scioto Metro

HOA evictions are scary, but it's important to know the truth. You can't avoid one just because you paid your mortgage. That said, it's never too late to make your payments, and the HOA can work things out with you if you're under financial duress.

PMI Scioto Metro in Columbus, OH, has 20 years of experience under its belt and covers all bases when managing HOAs. Consult with us to see how we can help you.