Columbus Communities: How to Get the Most From HOA Meetings

Columbus Communities: How to Get the Most From HOA Meetings

Around 84% of homeowners in the U.S. are part of a homeowners' association, which means regular HOA meetings.

Meetings are notorious for being unproductive, so it's important to brainstorm ways to optimize the time. But if you're struggling to oversee productive meetings, it can feel overwhelming knowing where to start.

If this sounds like your situation, you've come to the right place. Here's how to get the most from HOA meetings.

Choose the Right Time and Place

You can't run a successful annual HOA meeting unless you set a clear time and place. A good rule of thumb is suggesting a nearby location so it's easier for residents to attend. Because choosing a time is more difficult, send out a survey a month prior and go with the most popular option.

HOA members can boost attendance by adding a start and end time on the notice. This will reassure residents that it will be a succinct meeting and give homeowners a chance to rearrange their schedules.

Advertise the Meeting

Once your HOA company has set a date, it's time to spread the word. Start by shooting off an e-mail to HOA members and, if you can, hand out letters at least a month in advance. You should also slap an ad on the community board so it's impossible to miss it.

Further, include a meeting agenda, which are the topics that you'll cover. Not only will it let you focus on the meeting's contents, but residents can also decide whether these talking points apply to them.

Ask Property Managers to Run Meetings

Many on the HOA board committee make the mistake of not delegating a leader.

Ideally, an HOA management company should oversee committee meetings because they have monitored and maintained properties. And because the HOA company has years of experience, residents will feel comfortable asking questions and are more likely to receive useful advice.

Use Creative Tools

No one wants to attend a meeting with no visual stimulation. Although it's not a lecture, HOA members should prepare a snappy PowerPoint presentation to cover the different topics. Or, if you have the time, create a video to capture your audience's attention and help them retain the information.

Take Resident Concerns Seriously

Every successful HOA community association takes its residents' concerns seriously. Although there's limited time, the HOA board members will happily open the floor and listen to everyone's concerns. To succeed, it's important to be proactive and promptly address any problems.

When you show that you care, residents will attend more meetings and feel comfortable voicing their opinions.

Say Farewell to Unproductive HOA Meetings

HOA meetings will no longer be boring, thanks to these tips.

At PMI Scioto Metro, we prioritize delivering impeccable service to ensure that our residents are proud to live in the community. With years of experience under our belt, we can guarantee that you'll have engaging and constructive HOA meetings.

If you need help with your HOA management needs, we'd love to hear from you. Contact us today to get started.