What Services Do HOA Management Companies Provide?

What Services Do HOA Management Companies Provide?

In Ohio, roughly 1.7 million people live under homeowners association management, according to recent data. HOA living provides a clean and comfortable community with rules and regulations set in the bylaws. An HOA also boosts your property value.

Homeowners association property management services include collecting dues, managing vendors, and working with the HOA board. A homeowners association property manager leads these efforts on behalf of the board.

Here's more on the services of HOA property management companies in Columbus, OH.

Collecting Dues

HOA management services include setting up the platform for collecting monthly dues. Homeowners association management collects dues via bank withdrawals and apps. Many might also choose to send a traditional check.

The HOA board sets the monthly dues. On average, people pay about $200 monthly. Dues cover a wide range of services.

Should people avoid paying dues or become delinquent, a homeowners association property manager will send a warning letter. In some cases, the case might go to a small claims court in Columbus, OH, or the property owner could have a lien put on their property.

Managing Vendors

There are plenty of vendors that you see around a community. Landscapers, pool maintenance, electricians, roofing companies, and even wildlife control are just some of the outside vendors. Each of these requires a contract and a set of objectives.

HOA property management makes sure they show up to do the assigned work and that it's done correctly. Moreover, if there's a problem, homeowners association property management takes care of the issue.

The management company also ensures vendors have the right insurance, tools, and employees.

A property management company often handles multiple HOAs, so they develop relationships with other vendors.

Working With the HOA Board

The HOA board drafts a list of bylaws for those living in the community to follow. Rules and regulations include how many pets people can have and how many people homeowners can have at a party. The HOA board also sets forth violations.

Moreover, HOA management services help the board with contracts and budgets. They ensure the HOA board has enough emergency reserve funds.

A manager also schedules monthly (or bimonthly) meetings and attends such meetings.

A property manager handles service calls on behalf of the board when the power goes out or when a tree falls on the property.

Management fields questions, concerns, and complaints. They report back to the board when problems arise.

Services of HOA Property Management Companies

Services of HOA property management companies include collecting dues, managing vendors, and working with the HOA board. You will soon see how a professionally managed company will produce great results for your HOA.

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