Popular amenities to consider adding to your HOA

Popular amenities to consider adding to your HOA
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Have you been considering what amenities might improve your HOA? There are several amenities that homeowners appreciate and enjoy. Your specific amenity choices will revolve around your budget and community needs. But, as you decide what amenities to add on, here are a few to consider.

Remote office spaces

More than 4.7 million people work remotely at least half the time in the United States and this is only expected to increase. This means you’re bound to have a few remote workers within your community. Remote workers love flexible work options. They may not have a good workspace at home or they have too many distractions. They may also just want to keep their work separate from their home. If you decide to create a space like this, make sure you offer high-speed internet. Also, adding printers and other business center amenities would be helpful.


Many of your community members probably spend their hard-earned money on a gym membership. However, they may not always use it because of the inconvenience. Others may not join the gym at all because of the expense. Consider creating a space within your community where all of these homeowners can work out. It’s convenient and can be significant cost savings for them.


A community pool is another well-loved amenity. Residents can use your pool to work out or just as a spot to lounge and splash around. If you add a pool, it’s bound to be popular amongst most people.

Outdoor spaces

Invest in your outdoor areas, whether that be adding beautiful landscaping, a shared garden, creating a dog park, building a playground, offering hiking trails or providing BBQs and picnic benches for everyone’s use. Encourage more of the community to use the beautiful outdoor space by giving them what they want. It’s not only great for the community, but the outdoor areas will be the first thing prospective homeowners see when they arrive on the property.

These are just a few of the many amenities you could consider when deciding what to fit into your budget. As you decide what amenities to vote on, get feedback from homeowners. Put out a survey to find out what amenities they wish the HOA had. Also, consider what prospective homeowners may want to see.

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