4 places for great soup in Columbus

4 places for great soup in Columbus
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With the fall weather starting to make its presence felt in Columbus, soup season will arrive sooner than you think. This type of dish really hits the spot as the leaves turn and the fall temperatures start to get colder and colder.

There are many great dining spots in the Columbus area for soup. The ones that we’ve chosen below are just a sampling, though all have a homemade feel. Each place offers a welcoming, fun atmosphere that makes the experience richer.

So, whether you want to take a lunch break out of the cold, or you’re seeking a different kind of dinner experience than the usual, here’s where you can go.

Carfagna’s Restaurant

A restaurant that started serving customers in 1937, Carfagna’s has been a longtime player in the Italian dining scene in Columbus. Located at 1440 Gemini Place, this family restaurant features several soups on the menu.

First, there’s Wedding Soup, which features small meatballs and egg drops as part of this savory delight. There’s also that Italian traditional option: minestrone, which can be made either vegan or vegetarian friendly as needed. There are also soups of the day available. Their website has more details for you.

Carfagna’s also owns its own Italian market at the same location, so if you want to make your own variation on those two soups or any other dish of your own, you can buy those supplies there. More details on the market side of things can be found here.

Tip Top Kitchen

It’s a rarity in any city that a soup gets elevated to what you are known for, but this long-time kitchen-and-bar combo has reached that height with its own Spicy Corn Chowder. Topped with tortilla strips, cheddar-jack cheese and green onions, it’s a great option for you if you’re seeking soup for your meal.

They also have a soup of the day, which Tip Top describes on the menu as “sometimes vegetarian, sometimes not, always delicious.” You can find Tip Top at 73 E. Gay Street in Columbus. See their full dinner, drink and brunch menu on their website.


If what you are seeking is homemade chicken soup, just like mom or dad used to make, then this is a great stop. Katzinger’s Deli is a longtime German restaurant located at 475 S. 3rd St. in Columbus.

The Kazinger’s variation on chicken soup can include noodles or matzo balls, if you want that total deli experience. In fact, they swear by this recipe so much that you can take home a quart of Kazinger’s chicken broth to make your own version at home. There is also Seth’s Soup of the Day if you want to try something else on the menu.

To get all the details you need on this 35-year-old Columbus staple, go to its website.

El Vaquero

Soup with a Mexican flair is something that should be a part of anyone’s experience. El Vaquero, located at, is especially good at soups, and it’s a must-try if you haven’t yet.

At El Vaquero, you can get either the Azteca Soup, featuring chicken broth, shredded chicken and tortilla strips; or the traditionally made Pozole, with hominy and pico de gallo added to this chicken-based wonder. You can see the whole menu for this great restaurant, which has three locations in the greater Columbus area, by visiting the El Vaquero website.

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